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Have you ever been blessed by someone who helped you during a difficult season or time of hardship? Have you been blessed to be the hand that helped? Helps Ministry desires to connect those that have a need with those who can meet a need, both at BMBC and in our community. Meeting the needs of the elderly, single parents, those without a family support system, individuals, and families experiencing medical issues or a myriad of other challenges is the focus of the Helps Ministry. Helps Ministry is just one of the ways we Embrace God’s Grace – Extend God’s Love

Helps Ministry meets a myriad of needs including but not limited to: meals, furniture, car rides etc.


Use the form below to let us know what you are able to help with or what you need help with.

  1. Select ” I need help with” OR ” I can help with” (You can only select ONE).
  2. Select as many options as you want to help with/need help with (i.e. transportation, moving, etc.) (You can select ONE or MORE)
  3. Enter your name and email and press submit, so that the Church Office can follow up with you.


Thanks for participating in the Helps Ministry!