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  • 5/5 BY biopsy revealed basal cell carcinoma, having it removed on 6/21
  • 5/5 TR last treatment for tumor, collar bone healing, back surgery/rotator cuff
  • 5/5 D liver cancer, will be going through chemo
  • 5/5 Ramabai Mukti Mission & the Covid situation in India
  • 5/5 B&HM PTL! Stimulator surgery & court hearing went well
  • 5/5 AB continued difficulties, pray for tests & Drs wisdom
  • 5/4 K 17 year old in Guatemala was kidnapped. Escaped but healing from physical and emotional trauma
  • 5/4 ML doing better after possible seizure, more tests being done
  • 4/28 PC moving to North Carolina, praying it goes smoothly
  • 4/28 SW open heart surgery went well PTL!
  • 4/28 MS home, friend looking after her, physical therapy to start, plumbing issues
  • 4/28 AM lungs getting worse, could affect his kidneys
  • 4/26 CF knee under control, no treatment needed PTL!
  • 4/26 V  complications with Crohns improved with strict diet, fell and broke her ankle, won’t need surgery if it heals on its own
  • 4/26 DB Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, infections, bedridden, doesn’t know the Lord
  • 4/25 T&J H daughter awaiting biopsy results
  • 4/21 MA PTL arm set up for dialysis, not yet needed, moving
  • 4/21 RL chemo, cancer has spread, encouraged by visit & infusion
  • 4/20 CF having surgery to stabilize bone structure in back, then chemo
  • 4/18 L new born diagnosed with what is believed to be a serious disease
  • 4/15 DL having deep brain stimulation surgeries to help with Parkinson’s, wife busy taking care of him and 90 year old father
  • 4/14 DG found another tumor in stomach.  Trying to find an oncologist at VA hospital.
  • 4/14 LM 3 week old with medical issues
  • 4/14 DB something came loose during hip surgery & embedded in her stomach, another surgery needed to remove it
  • 4/10 M given cortisone shot for back & neck pain, still no benefit from injection, but discharged from hospital
  • 4/6 PB wasn’t feeling well and went to the ER with BP issues, no indication of heart attack, EKG follow up on Thursday
  • 4/6 JC stepped on a nail and on antibiotics, positive with C19 and dealing with allergies
  • 4/2 JM’s cousin R passed away, pray for her husband B
  • 4/2 TM knee surgery went well, rehab and recovery
  • 4/2 J in hospital with C19, A-fib, viral pneumonia and on oxygen
  • 4/2 DI had a PET scan that revealed more difficulties, seeking better treatment options
  • 4/2 JG knows someone who relapsed, person has agreed to go to rehab
  • 4/2 Friend of SH being treated for cancer as an outpatient, feeling positive
  • 4/2 JD fell and fractured her shoulder, surgery went well, had to stay overnight to monitor BP
  • 3/31 AM pancreatic cancer, some complications from surgery, will have another surgery to correct issues from the last
  • 3/26 Family of DY, comfort at his passing, especially his wife
  • 3/25 J&SM praise for new great granddaughter!
  • 3/25 JT in hospital with C19, is compromised from autoimmune disease
  • 3/24 ML Z being treated for glaucoma
  • 3/24 R & husband B, R is on palliative care
  • 3/23 VC & family, comfort at the passing of her aunt
  • 3/23 CS seeing doctor about back spasms
  • 3/23 NS gallbladder surgery 3/26
  • 3/23 G had ceiling fall on her, doing fine, needs place to live
  • 3/19 JP still waiting for answers, testing for Lyme
  • 3/18 K 18 year old, headaches, lesions found on brain
  • 3/17 A, JH’s mom, comfort and wisdom with her care
  • 3/17 BH unspoken over the next 5 months
  • 3/16 LS having angioplasty to put a stent in 3/17
  • 3/16 HS having trouble with pain meds after knee surgery, starting insulin for diabetes
  • 3/14 RS recurrence of brain lesion, husband disabled with Parkinson’s
  • 3/14 GM down with a serious kidney infection, lives in Bogota, Colombia
  • 3/10 R battle with cancer, fell and broke her hip
  • 3/10 CA still struggling, waiting for bone marrow biopsy results
  • 3/10 LB kidney stone procedure has been moved to 3/11, also pray for good mammogram results 
  • 3/9 SP recently in the ER with kidney stone mass, diverticulitis
  • 3/9 D doing well after stomach and intestinal cancer but having issues with seizures
  • 3/5 R recovering from skiing accident, walking again with physical therapy, on pain meds, from a family prone to addicti
  • 3/3 SL now using medication to keep his heart in rhythm
  • 3/2 DR heart back in rhythm but still other concerns, possible hearing test 
  • 3/2 ER having leg checked for any changes since fall

Pray for our Families: Marriages, Children & Teens, Work, Finances, Ministry

Pray for our College students and young adults

Pray for our Shut-ins/ Nursing Home Patients

Pray for our Servicemen/women, Policemen/women and First Responders

Pray for our Missionaries