Sean Isaacs


Sean and his family became a part of the Bethel Memorial Baptist church family in late 2017. Being a member of our elder board Sean brings more than 25 years of general ministry, and more than 15 years of pastoral oversight, preaching and teaching, to the BMBC Family.


Raised on the island of Grand Bahama in the Bahamas, by a godly single mom, Sean was exposed to the gospel very early. He moved to New York City at 17 to attend college and live with his dad. For the next four years Sean pursed a career in the entertainment industry and rebelled against much of what he had learned as a child. But at 22 years old, his oldest brother died, setting Sean on a path to return to the faith he knew as a child.


Sean is the father of five children and happily married to Deborah Isaacs. In addition to Sean’s passion for the Word of God, and ministry to God’s people, he is passionate about building successful businesses, and teaching God’s people to glorify Him through industry and enterprise.

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