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September 28th, 2022  “God’s Protection of Grace”

September 21st, 2022  “Thirsty Prayer” 

September 14th, 2022   “Time for a Heart Check”

September 7th, 2022  “The Power of a Good Word”

August 31st,2022  “The Secret Things” 

August 24th, 2022  “Are Love, Joy & Peace Possible?”

August 17th, 2022  “Getting a Bad Taste Out of Your Mouth” 

August 10th, 2022  “Be Filled with the Spirit”

August 3rd, 2022  “Where Can I Hide?”

July 6th, 2022  “In Times of Trouble”

June 29th, 2022  “Responding with Grace & Truth

June 22nd, 2022  “Wisdom and Understanding

June 8th, 2022  “Where Do We Find Hope?

June 1st, 2022  “Humbly Wearing the Uniform

May 25th, 2022  “Faith in God Who Meets Our Needs

May 18th, 2022  “The Fruits of Grief: Life or Death

May 11th, 2022  “Is God A Command Giver or a Promise Keeper?

May 4th, 2022 “Who Is Winning?”