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  • 11/19 BB and her sisters are traveling to Rochester, NY to take BP off life support
  • 11/16 M is having surgery for a tumor on her spine. Could cause paralysis. Wisdom and guidance for the doctors
  • 11/15 BB Appreciation cards going to Avona teachers. Pray for encouragement and salvation
  • 11/14 EF having surgery November 18, 2021
  • 11/12 BP is in ICU due to encephalitis and possible stroke. Wisdom for doctors
  • 11/11 EY hit by a car and has other health issues due to accident. Very depressed, wisdom for doctors and consistent care
  • 11/10 RL family, He went home to be with the Lord
  • 10/31 MW kidney stone procedure
  • 10/31 TM colonoscopy to remove pre-cancerous polyps
  • 10/28 MF friend EF; oral cancer for 3rd time
  • 10/28 BM brother in law failing health; unable to return to asst living
  • 10/27 DI tested positive for Covid-19, family is in quarantine
  • 10/27 DG cancer, needs to make decisions regarding further chemo
  • 10/27 EI test results not good after hospital stay, navigating further options
  • 10/26 SH one family member is cancer free PTL! Second family member begins chemo locally 11/3, then continuing at Fox Chase
  • 10/20 BH 2 unspoken requests over the next two months
  • 10/19 EK fell backward down the stairs, no serious injuries but a lot of bruising
  • 10/18 TM good test results from EKG PTL
  • 10/18 Palmer Good News Club, 19 kids signed up
  • 10/18 DR doing well with heart, seeing doctor about wound on foot
  • 10/18 ER working with new prosthetic, going to therapy 2 times a month
  • 10/14 PB successful eye procedure, next procedure on 11/5
  • 10/13 SP eye difficulty, following up with the eye doctor
  • 10/ SB surgery for melanoma successful PTL
  • 10/13 SB breast cancer, surgery 10/26, good prognosis
  • 10/13 JW has a cardiac scan scheduled for 10/20
  • 10/13 TR having memory issues and frequent falls, having some injuries from falling
  • 10/13 DF home from hospital with C19, off oxygen PTL
  • 10/11 Comfort at the passing of 13 year old A, a young girl from Mukti India
  • 10/11 CF has a spontaneous stress fracture in her foot and was also diagnosed with osteoporosis
  • 9/29 B struggling with her walk with the Lord
  • 9/28 MF moved to Good Shepherd, antibiotics and therapy
  • 9/28 J comfort at the loss of his father, lost his mom a few years back
  • 9/28 H family, comfort at the death of AS
  • 9/23 LC dealing with esophagus issues that cause repetitive sinus infections and other issues
  • 9/23 C diagnosed with cancer
  • 9/22 J&SH J, cancer treatments S, recent diverticulitis issues
  • 9/22 WC on hospice care at home, short term memory bad, lonely
  • 9/22 PB recovery of hip replacement, longer hospital stay, but home
  • 9/22 JH cancer, began radiation, praying for salvation of family members
  • 9/21 D&J L adjusting brain stimulator, blind in one eye (glaucoma)
  • 9/21 FS pulmonary Dr. visit went well PTL! 2 nodules on lungs but nothing serious, will have checks every 3-6 months
  • 9/21 M family, 2 older kids recovering from C19, young baby in hospital with high fever
  • 9/15 JM recovering from surgery 9/10
  • 9/12 KB early stage cancer, hysterectomy 10/8, other tests
  • 9/8 RW 3 year old, has 104 fever, meds given but still not well
  • 9/8 DW recent health concerns, seeking wisdom for treatment
  • 9/8 Comfort for family of JB at his passing
  • 9/7 BR comfort at the death of her husband, returning to Italy
  • 9/1 S family, moving to South Carolina, looking for paid help to load truck
  • 9/1 J & MA B recovering from Covid, out of the house


Pray for our College students and young adults

Pray for our Shut-ins/ Nursing Home Patients

Pray for our Servicemen/women, Policemen/women and First Responders

Pray for our Missionaries