Tom Malcolm


Hector (Tommy) grew up and lived in Kingston, Jamacia, West Indies, and later moved to the United States.  In his youth, he played soccer, cricket, and was also involved in track & field.  He worked as a machine assembler for 25 years at Bell & Howell, then Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission for 16 years in the Maintenance Department.  His wife, Elaine, needed a ride to church, which a friend, Elaine Dinan usually provided but wasn’t able to go on Sunday, and Elaine asked Tommy to take her, and he stayed for the service.  He liked what he heard from the pulpit and after 6 or 7 months attending with Elaine, he then became friends with EB Blake at church.  EB talked, often about the Lord, and one day she grabbed him by the arm and asked him, “if you were to die today, what do you think would happen to you?”  She then told him that Jesus died for him and shared God’s plan of salvation.  He thought being good was enough.  At the end of the service, Pastor Bergstrom gave an altar call and Tommy was led by the Lord to go forward with his friend walking alongside and surrendering his life to the Lord.


Tommy is married to Elaine and has one daughter Cleopatra.  He has been on the Trustee board for 15 plus years serving as one of the members responsible for Buildings.

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