Finding Joy This Christmas

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Finding Joy This Christmas

A Prayer for Grieving at Christmas

Remember the Message

A Message of Hope – God is still speaking Luke 1:11-20
A Message of Love – We are all favored by God Luke 1:26-38
A Message of Peace – God has a plan for us Matthew 1:18-25
A Message of Joy – A Savior has been born Luke 2:8-14


Remember the Manger
A Place of Solitude – Where can we get away? Luke 2:6-7a
A Problem Solved – How to help those in need? Luke 2:7b
A Place of Acceptance – All are welcome Luke 2:15-16

Remember the People
All are needy – Wise men still seek Him Matt. 2:1-2
Some are hopeful – Praise God & follow their example Lk. 2:21-38
Some are hateful – Pray for understanding & their need Matt. 2:3

Remember that God is with us
because Jesus came to die for our sins
God still speaks – are you listening to Him?
God is everywhere – are you looking for Him?
God seeks all people – are you loving them?

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Acts 2:21

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