Dayo Adedoyin

Elder Chairman/Fellowship

Their journey to Easton (Palmer township), PA, started in Nigeria where Dayo was born into a Christian and loving family.  His parents brought him up with an understanding of who God is and the importance of having a relationship with Him. This has developed into a personal and growing faith in God.  Dayo and his wife moved to the US over 30 years ago and after residing in several other places and regions in the US, they moved to Western NJ in 2003.  After visiting several churches in NJ and neighboring PA, they settled down in Bethel Memorial Baptist Church (BMBC) which has been their church home since then.  Dayo lives in Lopatcong, NJ, with his wife and daughter. BMBC family has been their family away from home (still sounds strange to call a place you have not lived in for more than 30 years “home”, but we all cherish our heritage and background). It has been a joy and privilege to have opportunities, not just to worship as part of the BMBC family, but to serve the Lord through BMBC in various ministries, capacities, and positions, including in leadership.  We thank God that He has found us worthy to be workmen and women in His vineyard here at Easton and to be part of a congregation supporting the wider work of spreading the gospel and developing disciple-makers around the world.  May He find us faithful to our calling.

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