Jeff Barrows

Trustee Chairman

Jeff is thankful to serve the Lord and His Church in whatever way He leads. His family is from the Finger Lakes area of upstate NY, where he was born.  He grew up in central New Jersey then moved to Frenchtown where he graduated from Delaware Valley Regional High School. He enjoys music (performance and technical support), gardening, and family. Jeff enjoys being a member of Grace Notes Gospel Big Band. Jeff is a seasoned 35+ year veteran of the Outdoor Power Equipment industry. As a territory manager, his passion is helping small businesses grow. Jeff grew up knowing about Jesus and attended Church frequently. He also had Godly influence from his Grandparents. Ultimately, he was a worldly churchgoer. The Lord opened his eyes and was saved in the early 80’s through the radio ministry of Family Radio after years of worldly heartache. Jeff was first discipled, and got a great start in his Christian walk, at First Baptist Church in Fairfield Ct. He came to attend Bethel in 1990 after moving home from a failed family business attempt and to support his mom (and dad) who had a brain tumor. A couple of years later he married his wife Karen and raised 4 children, Jaclyn, John, Jacob & Jared, who were active in our children’s ministries.


Jeff has been serving on the Trustee Board since the late 1990’s, most recently as Trustee Chairman. As Trustees, we help keep the operation of the Lord’s Church, ensuring the safety, attractiveness, well-being, and comfort of our facilities. We also ensure that our ministries have the necessary elements to function. Trustees are also responsible for financial accounting, financial reputation, and financial well-being.


Ministry is his passion.  In his early years at Bethel, he served on the Youth Group, then as a leader.  He also serves the AV staff helping support our worship services and tape ministry. He also taught Children’s Church, participated in music activities like choir, adult Sunday School and helped with Awana. Currently, in addition to his Trustee duties, he enjoys assisting Teen Sunday School, our coffeehouse board, singing in Victory Voices, and technical support. (A/V, Technology, IT, Social, etc.)

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