Kathy Crivellaro, Financial Manager

Finance Manager

Kathy grew up in Alpha, NJ, and is the fourth of five children.  One of her earliest memories, at age 4, is the day that her mother was baptized on a Sunday evening at church.  The look on her mom’s face when she talked about being baptized made an indelible impression.  At age 5, Kathy began to attend Sunday School with her mom and always had a desire to serve the Lord.  She told her first Sunday School teacher that she wanted to be a missionary in Alaska to share Jesus with the Eskimos.  Many godly men and women, Sunday School teachers, taught her the Scripture and what it means to be a follower of the Lord Jesus.  At the age of 11, Kathy surrendered her life to the Lord and was baptized shortly thereafter.   In her later teens, Kathy could be found at the church nearly every time it was open.  Actively involved in Sunday School and Youth Group through her teen years.  Kathy met her husband, a blind date arranged by mutual friends, and they were married in 1975.  They’ve made their home in Easton for the past 45 years and proudly boast of their two daughters.  Jerry & Kathy became part of the Bethel family in 1986.


Kathy has worked full-time as a bookkeeper since 17 years of age.   Retiring in 2022, after 25 years, she served as the full-time Office Manager/Bookkeeper at the US headquarters of Mukti Mission, a Mission in India.  She has also held the part-time Finance Manager position with Bethel since 2018.  Through the years, Kathy served in several positions at Bethel including Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Church Clerk, AWANA leader and Bible teacher, Youth Leader, and substitute Sunday School teacher.  Kathy serves as a member of the Missions Committee and has organized short-term Mission trips for Bethel to Eleuthera, North Carolina, India, and Brazil.


Romans 12:1-2 made an impact on her at a young age.  She tries to live out presenting herself as a living sacrifice and is grateful for the privilege to use her gifts in service to the Living Lord.

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