Scott Heim


Scott grew up in a small farm community in central Pennsylvania.  Church, family, and work were a central part of his life.  He came to the realization in elementary school that his relationship with God was influenced by his family, but it was a personal decision he had to make and his parent’s faith would not be enough to ensure him eternal life.  He remembered making his decision publicly at a church service.   Jesus Christ gave him eternal life then and since then he has never doubted the decision he made.  That decision has resulted in the basis and guide for the rest of his life.  He went to college later at Lehigh University and settled here in the Lehigh Valley working at Bethlehem Steel as a metallurgist.  During his time in the  Lehigh Valley, he attended Faith Evangelical Free Church, Lehigh Valley Grace Brethren Church, and Bethel Memorial Baptist Church for the last 30 years.  He married Jan Sullivan in 1978 and they have raised 3 children.


Their relationship with Jesus Christ has been central to their lives and continues to this day.  Scott has been involved in teaching Sunday School, church leadership, and Missions.  He looks forward to God’s leading in his life during his remaining years.

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